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Emerging Technologies in the Medical Device Industry is a Program

Full program description

Program Overview:

This program, comprised of five courses, features industry and academic experts discussing the role and impact of technological advancements in the medical device industry.

Program Outcome:

The courses are designed to increase understanding of medical device types and applications along with the security and regulatory considerations necessary to manage these emerging technologies.

Program Topics:

  • Course 1: What is Digital/AI/Machine Learning? How is it Used?
  • Course 2: Clinical Virtual Reality: Seven Ways that Virtual Reality Will Change the World of Mental Healthcare!
  • Course 3: Regulatory Framework for the Digital World
  • Course 4: Use of AI in Drug Development
  • Course 5: Cybersecurity

Learner Level: Intermediate/Advanced

This symposium is designed for Clinical Research Coordinators, Project Managers, Monitors, Regulatory, Medical and Clinical Affairs Professionals, or junior faculty with intermediate to advanced experience seeking to further develop clinical research skills and principles.